Fermented Green Chilli Paste by Agri Produce

Fermented Green Chilli Paste by Agri Produce

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Fermented Green Chilli Paste (150g)

  • Kissing cousins with our red paste, our Green Chilli Paste replicates the blend of fermented chilli- pulp and EVOO goodness, with the welcome addition of a slightly sophisticated sour note.
  • Just like our red paste, the green is a versatile little number - gussy up your bacon and eggs, spruce up your soup or primp your pizza with this piquant paste.
  • Slightly sour, sophisticated, subtle. Spruce up your soup, or primp your pizza


All Agri Products are;

  • 100% Australian Ingredients

  • Produced in Victoria by Hand

  • 12 months shelf life – shelf stable

  • Supplied via Feel Good Foods